About Founder


The founder of this consortium is also the founder of the modern virtual organization management discipline pioneered since 1997.

He is also the founder of VOMI (“Virtual Organization Management Institute”), VOMI Global Think Tank, VOMI Virtual Organization Academy,  Virtual Organization Leadership, Virtual Organization Recruiter, Virtual Campus Dormitory Consortium,  Virtual Residential Community Consortium, League of Extraordinary Virtual Organization Executives, and a number of other virtual organization entities and initiatives.

About Consortium

Our global community is open to Distinguished Members from the following member organizations who have a stake in the success of the consortium and are ready, willing and able to Stand Up and Walk Away from the Monkey See, Monkey Do Crowd:

The Global 5000, a select group of companies representing nearly 70% of global GDP.

Leading Digital Currency and RAIDA-based Technology Firms

Leading Blockchain and Other Futuristic Distributed Platform Technology Firms

Leading Fashion and Other Apparel Retailers

Futuristic Land, Air and Sea Transportation Technology Pioneers and Innovators

Futuristic Private Suborbital Spaceflight Transportation Technology Pioneers and Innovators

Futuristic Quantum Computer, Communications and Internet Pioneers and Innovators

Futuristic Artificial  Intelligence Pioneers and Innovators

Smart-City and IoT Technology Pioneers and Innovators

Leading Residential Real Estate Developers

Leading Futuristic and Modern Residential Architecture Firms

ALL Groundbreaking Energy Technology Innovators

Leading Universities worldwide

Federal, State and Local Governments worldwide

Think Tanks


They are stakeholders who are fully cognizant of the fact that:  1)  there is a mindset (instead of just a group of people) which perpetuates the current dysfunctional global landscape, 2) that there is no shortage of extremely talented men and women of goodwill from all over the world who can make a difference,  and 3) that their organization can be part of the solution in terms of the huge amount of investments they have already made in existing technologies and other tangible or intangible efforts and assets which can be readily applied toward the development of The New Virtual Organization World.   See Exclusive Guide for Investors in The New Virtual Organization World.