The New Virtual Organization World Consortium Standards

All Distinguished Members will have an opportunity to participate in the promulgation, development and refinement of one or more of the following standards.

  • Futuristic City-State Enclave Based on a “Civilized World Financial System” Project Standards
  • Futuristic Digital Currency Project Standards
  • Universal Futuristic Financial System Standards
  • Futuristic Economic Model Project Standards
  • Futuristic Technology Innovation and Dissemination Standards
  • Futuristic Energy Sources Standards
  • Futuristic Environmental Quality and Management Standards

  • The New Retail World (in The New Virtual Organization World) Standards
  • New Social Experience Venue (now called “Shopping Mall”) Standards
  • Virtual Organization Corporation Standards
  • Virtual Corporate Community Standards
  • Living Virtual Workspace Standards

  • Paradise On Earth Project Standards
  • The New Virtual Organization World Futuristic Theme Park Project Standards
  • Annual VOMI Awards Project Standards
  • The New Virtual Organization World Global CEO Summit Project Standards

  • Global International Collaboration Standards
  • World Without Borders Standards
  • Mutually Assured Prosperity Standards
  • Global Equitable Compensation Standards

  • Virtual Community College Campus Standards
  • Virtual College Campus Standards
  • Virtual University Campus Standards

  • Virtual Military Unit Standards
  • Virtual Military Intelligence Unit Standards
  • Virtual Intelligence Agency Standards

The New Virtual Organization World Blueprint

For the sake of posterity and for all current and future historians with an interest in the original concept of building this World of Virtual Organizations we call, The New Virtual Organization World, we invite you to review the January 23, 2014 paper titled “My Vision of The New Virtual Organization World.”